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Playboy USA Nr.5 - Mai 2007 - Anna Nicole Smith
  • Playboy USA Nr.5 - Mai 2007 - Anna Nicole Smith

Playboy USA Nr.5 - Mai 2007 - Anna Nicole Smith

Titelbild: Anna Nicole Smith: The Playboy Years - A Tribute to...

PLUS: Girls of Conference USA - Original Star Wars Storyboards (Obi-Wan Lives!) - Steve Nash Interview - Fergie 20Q - Sex, Iranian Style - New Urban Wardrobe - Unerring Baseball Preview

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  • features
    SEX IN IRAN A bootleg sex tape allegedly featuring a popülarTV star has been spreading through Iran like wildfire. The actress denies she's on the tape, but that's almost beside the point. The video has shaken Iranians by exposing their hidden emotions and double standards. In a fascinating peek at a modern Islamic society, we lift the veil on a conflicted culture in which religious fundamentalism wrestles with the allure of sexual freedom. BY PARI ESFANDIARI AND RICHARD BUSKIN
    WORLDWIDE BASEBALL: PLAYBOY'S 2007 BASEBALL PREVIEW After a winter of incredible contracts 2007 is shaping up to be a prosperous year for America's national pastime. Our Hall of Fame analyst teils us what to expect in the upcoming season. Plus, we learn why the Dodgers could be celebrating their first title in 19 years and get a by-the-numbers look at where the talent comes from. BY TRACY RINGOLSBY
    OBI-WAN LIVES Obi-Wan escapes from Darth Vader? Han Solo packs a Iightsaber? Luke used to be a girl? To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, here's an exclusive look at never-before-published storyboards from George Lucas's original script drafts that show a flip side of the Force.
    TO THE BAD GIRLS GO THE SPOILS In an uninhibited confessional, a would-be reality-TV star details the depths of her deviance—sexual, social and otherwise—in hopes of joining Jerri Manthey and Omarosa in the pantheon of TV bad girls. BY MICHELLE RICHMOND
  • fiction
    WINTER STORMS An investor's quiet retirement is interrupted when his war correspondent daughter comes home unexpectedly from an extended assignment in Iraq. The violent nor'easter raging outside his home pales beside the dark storm of guilt and fear his daughter has brought back from the Middle East. BY EDWARD FALCO
  • the playboy forum
    THE TRUTH ABOUT AL FRANKEN What people need to realize about liberal hero Franken is not the number of issues on which he so cleverly disagrees with his conservative adversaries but the number of assumptions he makes about government and politics that aren't in any way different from those of his supposed opponents. BY cuars WHITE
  • 20Q
    FERGIE The Fergalicious frontwoman of the Black Eyed Peas helped shoot the band to the top of the charts before achieving solo success. The sexy singer doesn't phunk around as she discusses overcoming addiction, being bitten by Quentin Tarantino and getting unexpectedly moist in front of concertgoers. BY JASON BUHRMESTER
  • interview
    STEVE NASH The Phoenix Suns' wiry Canadian point guard is a two-time NBA MVP who keeps pace with Shaq, LeBron and other basketball heavyweights. Riding high on a six-year, $66 million deal with Phoenix, the notoriously press-shy player dishes up his thoughts about sex on game day, the possibility of reverse racism in the NBA and whether he thinks Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban screwed up royally by letting him walk. BY KEVIN COOK

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