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Playboy USA Nr.7 / Juli 1979 - Denise Gauthier
  • Playboy USA Nr.7 / Juli 1979 - Denise Gauthier

Playboy USA Nr.7 / Juli 1979 - Denise Gauthier

Titelbild: Denise Gauthier

PLUS: The Girls of James Bond. Exclusive Uncoverage From 007s Spectacular New Thriller Moonraker - Why Doctors, dont know, anything about Sex - Patti McGuire (Connors) Revisited - The High Powered Politics of Packing the Pope

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  • PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: JOSEPH WAMBAUGH—candid conversation.. The former cop, best-selling author and budding movie mogul talks about his wars with major Hollywood studios, his special brand of film making and what it's been like to go from the best to the big time.
  • THE MAKING OF A POPE—article   ANDREW M. GREELEY Maverick priest—syndicated columnist Greeley takes us inside the Vatican for a behind-the-scenes look at a papal election.
  • THE PERFECT HIGH OR THE QUEST OF GIMMESOME ROY—humor SHEL SILVERSTEIN Baba Fats was so high Roy couldn't get over him and so wide he couldn't get around him.
  • WELL MATCHED—pictorial Love doesn't mean the same thing an the tourt that it does in courtship. Newlyweds Jimmy Connors and Patti McGuire know the difference.
  • THE LEASER OF TWO EVILS—fiction PHILIP JOSE FARMER There are beautiful women and there are dogs, and there are always those who, after a few drinks, can't teil the difference.
  • LOOKING SHIPSHAPE!—attire DAVID PLATT On deck with the perfect fashion gear to sail through summer.
  • BLOOD SISTERS—fiction JOE HALDEMAN They were the two most beautiful women he'd ever seen, except that one of them had a phony navel.
  • SHEAR WONDER-playboy's playmate of the month If all barbers Iooked like Baltimore's Dorothy Mays, this would be a better-groomed world.
  • GOOD NEWS FOR THE PRACTICING PARANOID--articIe DAVID BLACK The evidente is overwhelming that this planet is a piece of real estate that, in a very short time, will be for rent.
  • CATFISH CATCHES ON-food EMANUEL GREENBERG If you think you couldn't enjoy having something with whiskers for dinner, you haven't tasted this increasingly popular fish.
  • WHERE SEX IS CONCERNED, THE DOCTOR IS OUT-article MORTON HUNT Out to lunch, that is, because he probably knows less about it than you do.
  • THE SECOND ANNUAL BASEBALL MANAGERS CASH-ON-THE-LINE, CLUTCH-PLAYER ALL-STAR TEAM-sports Once again, the major-league honchos are asked who the top guys are when the chips are down.
  • MOONRAKER: NEW PERILS FOR 007-pictorial A sneak preview of the newest James Band epic and a spy's-eye look at the master agent's newest ladies.
  • THE BAKER OF YESILKOY-ribald classic
  • THE SECRET LIFE OF BASEBALL-sports . . . MAURY Z. LEVY and SAMANTHA STEVENSON It's a good thing these guys are playing ball: There are some of them you wouldn't want running loose an the street.
  • PLAYBIKES-modern living JAMES PETERSEN On the road or off, these motorck,cles are pure pleasure.
  • PLAYBOY'S PIPELINE Man & woman, Europe by train, home security, the Hamptons.
  • PLAYBOY ON THE SCENE Coolers, lighters and dancin shoes.

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Centerfold / Poster: Playmate Miss July 1979 Dorothy Mays


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