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Playboy USA Nr.9 - September 2005 - Jessica Canseco
  • Playboy USA Nr.9 - September 2005 - Jessica Canseco

Playboy USA Nr.9 - September 2005 - Jessica Canseco

Titelbild: Joses Ex Jessica Canseco. Tells allt Shows all the wild Life of a big League Wife

PLUS: Its Back: Playboys Fearless. College Football forecast: The Top 25 Teams - Steroids, Sex and Foul Balls - Interview: Thomas L. Friedman - Nascars Kurt Busch: Pete Carroll - Vintage Roadsters: New Playboy Fashion - Investment Tips: Iraqi Bomb Squad

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  • features
    THE MAN IN THE BOMB SUIT Iraq has become a repository for just about every weapons system known to man. The situation is literally explosive, with an estimated 10 million mines buried in the dirt, often in populated areas. We patrol Baghdad with ace bomb tech Staff Sergeant Jeffrey S. Sarver of the Army's 788th Ordnance Company, an elite unit that protects troops from improvised explosive devices. Sarver's distinction: He has disarmed more of them than any man in the war. BY MARK BOAL
    SPORT STARS The roadster is the ultimate sports car, and those designed in the 1950s and 1960s reached a pinnacle of style and performance that has yet to be matched. Get reverent about the five finest two-seaters ever built. BY KEN GROSS
    MANY HAPPY RETURNS In a 50-year career spent studying financial markets, Wall Street vet Raymond F. Devoe Jr. has survived 18 bubbles. The man knows money, and he has sound advice on how to plan your financial future. BY RAYMOND F. DEVOE JR
    PLAYBOY'S 2005 COLLEGE PIGSKIN PREVIEW Get blitzed with our picks for the top 25 college football teams and the Playboy All America Team, as well as our 2005 Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete winner and an interview with USC coach Pete Carroll on the state of the game. BY GARY COLE
  • fiction
    THE FISHERMAN AND THE JINN The monotonous daily routine of an old fisherman is broken when he discovers a brass jar with a jinn inside. Should he wish for the end of disease? World peace? Or how about virility for 200 years? His wish is the jinn's command...if he can make up his mind in time. BY ROBERT COOVER
  • the Playboy forum
    BACK TO THE 1930s? To ride the bus with underclass America is to be transported to the Depression era, when there was no unemployment insurance or welfare government. Politicians today may be shocked by the backlash to their attempts to privatize Social Security, but that's because they go first-class and not Greyhound. BY ISHMAEL REED
  • 20Q
    KURT BUSCH This young NASCAR champion has left other drivers in the dust with his skillful handling and unapologetically aggressive behavior on and off the track. We get his wheels spinning about Dale Earnhardt flipping him the bird, the perks of being a champ and why he wears all those caps. BY WARREN KALBACKER
  • interview
    THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN A three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, this New York Times columnist and bestselling author has established himself as the leading popular commentator on globalization. His latest book, The World Is Flat, describes the technological revolution that has leveled the playing field for India and China to compete with the West. He chats candidly about the war in Iraq, the future of the Middle East and why two countries that are involved in Dell's supply chain will never wage war with each other. BY DAVID SHEFF
  • pictorials
    SWEDISH BLONDES Join the joyride with these Scandinavian sweethearts as they show how Stockholm stacks up
    PLAYMATE: VANESSA HOELSHER Take a trip to wine country with this sun-ripened Georgia peach, easily the sexiest oenophile an the planet
    THE SLUGGER'S WIFE Jessica Canseco busts out of ex-husband Jose's shadow—and her clothes—to give us a major league flash dance.
  • notes and news
    THE WORLD OF PLAYBOY Hef is named one of the 100 Greatest Americans; the E! reality series The Girls Next Door tails his three girlfriends.
    HANGIN' WITH HEF Tiffany Fallon, Bai Ling, screen legend Jane Russell and the Entourage guys help keep the party going at the Mansion.
    Don't wreck your neck as you crane your head out the car window to take in Lauren Michelle Hill's sexy new Guess billboard: Erika Eleniak stars as one of the two Ginger temptations an The Real Gilligan's Island 2.
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