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Playboy USA Nr.11 - November 2006 - Mercedes McNab
  • Playboy USA Nr.11 - November 2006 - Mercedes McNab

Playboy USA Nr.11 - November 2006 - Mercedes McNab

Titelbild: Angels Mercedes McNab wickedly naked

PLUS: Girls of Hawaiian Tropic: A tan for all Seasons - Tenacious Q 20 D - Book: Smart Fashion - A Blogorific: Interview Arianna Huffington - Extra! Nude Video Game Girls Gatefold - Inside the Palms Hugh Hefner Sy Villa, waht happens in Vegas

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  • features
    ISLAM IN THE CRUCIBLE Prodded by U.S.-backed government officials, many religious leaders in Middle Eastern Arab countries are trying to persuade the next generation of Muslim youth not to adopt an ideology of martyrdom and anti-American warfare. The author of The New Iraq gives a firsthand account of the struggle to reclaim Islam from the terrorists who hijacked the religion and discusses how this effort could impact global security. BY JOSEPH BRAUDE
    THE WORST BREAK OF MY LIFE A penile fracture is every guy's worst nightmare, but in this astonishing—and edifying—account of his own catastrophe, the former lead singer of That Petrol Emotion teils how a man can weather disaster and spare the rod. BY STEVE MACK
    WELCOME TO THE NEXT LEVEL The next generation of video games isn't nextanything—it's now. In this special section we preview the hottest games for fall and beyond, look at the state of the current console wars and invite you to take a byte out of our third annual set of slinky video game vixens with their biosuits powered down. BY SCOTT ALEXANDER
    HOW SUITE IT IS The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa has opened on the 34th floor of the Palms Casino Resort Fantasy Tower in Las Vegas. lt will run you about $35,000 a night, but you won't find more sumptuous lodgings anywhere. Take a peek inside with several Playmates, including Amanda Paige and Sara Jean Underwood.
  • fiction
    THE WISDOM OF THE DOULAS Doula is the Greek word for slave, but Mitch doesn't work for those wages. In this tale by the author of Home Land: A Novel, Mitch is the only male midwife in his city and has an unorthodox approach to postnatal care. The family that hires him must figure out if he is a certified doula or simply certifiable. BY SAM LIPSYTE
  • the Playboy forum
    THE PLAYBOY VOTER: A SPECIAL REPORT, PART II We continue to examine 8 million PLAYBOY voters' views on the most polarizing political topics of the day. Among the questions we pose: When should U.S. troops leave Iraq? Should illegal immigrants be deported? Are you better off economically than you were five years ago? Our readers consistently buck both party and regional lines and occupy a commonsense middle ground.
  • 20Q
    TENACIOUS D Nobody rocks quite like Jack Black and Kyle Gass. The self-proclaimed greatest band in the world shocks and awes us with the truth about its mock rockumentary The Pick of Destiny, discloses who gets more backstage Betties and composes an impromptu D ditty just for you. BY ERIC SPITZNAGEL
  • interview
    ARIANNA HUFFINGTON The first lady of blogs was a noted biographer, a political wife, an outspoken columnist and a TV talking head before shifting from mainstream media to the web with The Huffington Post. Now the opinionated activist sounds off about spineless Democrats, why President Bush is dangerous enough to be impeached and why God belongs in politics. BY DAVID RENSIN

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