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Playboy USA Nr.11 / November 1977 - Susan Kiger
  • Playboy USA Nr.11 / November 1977 - Susan Kiger

Playboy USA Nr.11 / November 1977 - Susan Kiger

Titelbild: Susan Kiger

PLUS: Bunnies 1977: Theyve got it; They flaunt ist - Billy Carter: Mouth off on Beer, Woman and his Brother, the President - Playboys first ever College Basketball Forecast

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  • BOOKS Peter Tauber scavenges the Sixties; Robert Coover blows your mind and Peter DeVries creates a wonderful, albeit ersatz, Groucho Marx.
  • MUSIC A visit with The Amazing Rhythm Aces; the latest from Winwood and James.
  • TELEVISION The Second City gang takes to the tube; Visions, reprised, falters.
  • MOVIES Bobby Deerfield, a three-handkerchief winner; Shenanigons, a contemporary satire; The Sensual Man and La Grande Bourgeoise, two for Giannini.
  • PLAYBOY SEX POLL HOWARD SMITH This month's question: Where do you most like to make love outside of bed?
  • PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: HENRY KYEMBA—candid conversation ldi Amin's 'ex—minister of health sheds fresh Iight an the bizarre and bloodthirsty actions of the world's most notorious head of state.
  • CHAIRMAN BILLY—article ROY BLOUNT JR. Some have fame thr ist upon them, and the President's brother will make a cool half mil this yeor for being the icon of iconoclasm.
  • BUNNIES OF '77—pictorial Our annual photographic salute to those spectacular cottontails.
  • ROOTS—food EMANUEL GREENBERG Lots of the best things to eat grow under your feet.
  • IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST—fiction .. MARVIN KALB and TED KOPPEL Atension-filled tale of Israeli raids and a Secretary of State's desperate attempts to avert a Middle East war.
  • GROWING UP—playboy's playmate of the month. Rita Lee had the woman-child blues until she found out that Momma was right—a pretty girl has to be careful.
  • FIGHTING THE DEEP FREEZE—attire DAVID PLATT The way winter has been the Aast couple of years, this is no time for halfway measures.
  • NICE GUYS FINISH FIRST—personality  MARTY BELL How faultless Frank Gifford climbed the ladder of success to media stardom with nary a false step (well, almost).
  • RINGING SUCCESS—modern living Bob Newhart's Marcia Wallace stars in a roundup of the latest electronic wandern that will do everything with your telephone but pay the bill.
  • SEX IN CINEMA-1977—articIe ARTHUR KNIGHT The silver screen continues to have a decidedly blue streak. Our 12-page pictorial provides graphic uncoverage.
  • JAILING—article CLIFFORD IRVING When the greatest literary hoaxer of our time was sent to the slammer, he took notes an what he saw. lt wasn't pretty.
  • PLAYBOY'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL PREVIEW—sports .. ANSON MOUNT For the first time, our nonpareil football prognosticator crystal-balls the collegiate hoopsters.
  • THE SO-YOU-THINK-YOU'RE-CREATIVE QUIZ . . . . EUGENE RAUDSEPP with GEORGE P. HOUGH, JR. Creative geniuses don't think like everyone eise. Find out if you're one of them. No fair peeking at the answers.
  • THINK TANK Photography and the law, natura) medicine, SWAT overkill, eye-color clues.
  • PLAYBOY'S PIPELINE Credit ratings, bottled water, cold-weather grooming.
  • PLAYBOY ON THE SCENE Ice buckets, Castelbajac's fashions, games and gadgets.

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Centerfold / Poster: Playmate Miss November 1977 Rita Lee


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