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Playboy USA Nr.6 - Juni 2004 - Charisma Carpenter
  • Playboy USA Nr.6 - Juni 2004 - Charisma Carpenter

Playboy USA Nr.6 - Juni 2004 - Charisma Carpenter

Tielbild: Naked Charisma Carpenter: The Angel star sheds her wings... and her clothes

PLUS: Playmate of the Year 2004: The waits is over! Turn to Page 78 - Frankenfoods! The showdown over your mutant dinner - Vegas Chapel Wars: Wedding bells and shotgun shells - The Fetish Map: Playboys guided tour of all her hot spots - God vs. free speech: By Gore Vidal - Derek Jeter interview: My dad used to beat me at everything - Rise of the Machines: We click, flick and break the hottest new digital gadgets

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  • features
    FEEDING OUR DEEPEST FEARS In 1983 two scientists decided to shoot DNA into an onion with a pellet gun. What seemed like a bizarre experiment has evolved into a multibillion-dollar industry. Today 75 percent of all processed foods in the U.S. are genetically modifzed. These Frankenfoods, as critics call them, have the public guarding its plate. Are the fears justifzed? We predict the twists, turns and turbocharged turnips in the controversy's future. BY DAN BAUM
    WELCOME TO THE MACHINES Are you ready for a revolution? It's already here—futuristic digital gadgets are about to change the way you plag. Check out a new DVD-Tivo cambination unit, a remote control that programs itself sind a DVD server that will keep you from euer needing to step outside again. BY STEVE MORGENSTERN
    PLAYBOY'S SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW We screen this season's blockbusters so you don't blow Popcorn money, two hours and a shot at canoodling with your date. We take you into Spider-Man 2's web, The Stepford Wives' microchips and Anchorman's wardrobe. Plus, the summer's must-miss bombs.
    LOVE AND WAR IN LAS VEGAS Sin City's quickie-marriage industry rakes in more than $600 million a year, and every chapel wants a bigger piece of the wedding cake. But aren't hired assassins and sidezvalk beatings going overboard? A battiefleid report on the chapel wars. BY SCOTT DICKENSHEETS AND KATE SILVER
    THE FETISHIZED WOMAN You've heard of leg men and ass men. But what about men who worship women with crossed eyes? Or huge noses? We found fetish fans who get off on every nook, earlobe and kneecap on a woman's body. Get ready to study the sexfest map euer. BY CHIP ROWE
    CENTERFOLDS ON SEX: CHARLOTTE KEMP Charlotte licks and teils about sex and the city.
    20Q JUDE LAW The star of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow has spent much of the Aast year battling robots, British tabloids and Oscar fever. Law discusses the golden rules he lives by: Never let the press see you sweat, and have a plan before simulating sex with Nicole Kidman. BY MICHAEL FLEMING
  • fiction
    THE BLIND MAN'S WIFE When an acclaimed author meets a woman, it's love at first sight. But when his eyes fail and leave him in a world of darkness, he sees her in a whole new light. BY PAUL THEROUX
  • interview
    DEREK JETER Baseball's all-Amezican, apple-pie image may be imploding, but that hasn't affected the 29-year-old Yankees shortstop. In a hard-hitting Playboy Interview, Jeter fields questions about his complicated relationship with Alex Rodriguez, his reputation as a Party animal and his doing the conga with George Steinbrenner BY DIANE K. SHAH

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Centerfold / Poster: Miss Juni von 2004: Hiromi Oshima


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