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US-Sports Illustrated Winter Swimsuits Issue 98 - Heidi Klum
  • US-Sports Illustrated Winter Swimsuits Issue 98 - Heidi Klum

US-Sports Illustrated Winter Swimsuits 98 - Heidi Klum

Titelbild: Crossing the line: Heidi Klum Straddles the Equator

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  • zero latitude: The equator would be a great place to visit, if only it existed BY JAMIE MALANOWSK
  • all you need to know about the equator: With helpful and stimulating visual aids courtesy of Daniela Pestova PHOTOGRAPHS BY CHRISTOPHE JOUANY
  • at play on the fun line: From trompos to pencak Silat a roundup of the games people play on the eguator BY FRANZ UDZ
  • kenya: Rebecca Romijn and Laetitia Casta get a taste of the wild life on the veldt PHOTOGRAPHS BY WALTER CHIN
  • the maasai: Legendary warriors and supermodels can yau say, striking juxtaposition? PHOTOGRAPHS BY WALTER CHIN
  • indonesia: Stacey Williams shows off her Bintan lines PHOTOGRAPHS BY HANSPETER SCHNEIDER
  • an envialple position. In which we answer the question, What's the secret of Stacey's success? BY STEVE RUSHIN
  • its raining weathergirls: With everybody talking El Nino this year, who else are you gonne cal!? PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANDREW KAUFMAN
  • maldives: Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum and Beri Smither versus 1,192 islands PHOTOGRAPHS BY ROBERT ERDMANN
  • portfolio: Some of Americas favotite sport stars pose with their favorite stars PHOTOGRAPHS BY FRANCESCO SCAVULLO
  • a tough post-nup: Janet Jones Gretzky seems to have it all, but who can blame her for wanting more? BY JEFF PEARLMAN
  • going deep: Tanga gets in way over her head PHOTOGRAPHS BY RUSSELL JAMES
  • galapagos: Chandra North, Lorraine Pascale and Niki Taylor exemplity survival of the fittest PHOTOGRAPHS BY MYERS ROBERTSON

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