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US-Sports Illustrated 29 January 1996 - Valeria Mazza & Tyra Banks
  • US-Sports Illustrated 29 January 1996 - Valeria Mazza & Tyra Banks

US-Sports Illustrated 29 Jan. 1996 - Valeria Mazza & Tyra Banks

Titelbild: South African Adventure: Valeria Mazza & Tyra Banks

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  • Pro Basketball Toy Story: The Suffs are making Childs play of foes as they hoot for a record 70 wins by Phil Taylor
  • Figure Skating Real Gem Dandy: Michelle Kwan and Rudy Galindo sparkled at he nationals by E.M. Swift
  • HOCKEY The East Is a Beast: The NHL, like the NFL, has one conference that keeps clohbering the other by Michael Farber
  • College Basketball Trying Times: For Purdue's Gene Keady, usually a winner, it was a week of personal losses by Alexander Wolff
  • SWIMSUITS Hot Spots: At Phinda, a private game reserve in the Natal Bush, you can get as dose to the animals as you like by LM Swift - From the Cape Peninsula
    to the Kalahari Desert, our models warmed to their days in South Africa by Jule Campbell - Soweto's talented young athletes are striving to excel, But they remain hindered by the harsh legacy of apartheid by Rick Reilly
  • Baseball Do Not Disturb: Roberto Alomar, the Orioles new second baseman, keeps a low profile off the field by Tim Kurkjian
  • SUPER BOWL PREVIEW Seeins Like OId Times: The Cowboys and Steelers of today are heirs to a championship tradition Photographs hy Danny Turner and Burk Uzzle - The Dallas offense figures to Lear through Pittsburgh by Peter King - if the Steelers' D can harass Troy Aikman, Pittsburgh might upset Dallas by Paul Zimmerman - Greg Lloyd, the Steelers' top linebacker, levels his adversaries with direct hits by Austin Murphy - By doing things his way, Dallas coach Barry Switzer is silencing his critics by Michael Silver - Super Bowl post city Phoenix is sizzling by John Walters

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