US-Sports Illustrated 9 March 1992 - Kathy Ireland
  • US-Sports Illustrated 9 March 1992 - Kathy Ireland

US-Sports Illustrated 9 March 1992 - Kathy Ireland

Titelbild: She Reigns In Spain: Kathy Ireland sparkles on the island of Lanzarote

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  • ON THE MARCH In what may have been a Final Four preview, Duke defeatcd UCLA BY CURRY KIRKPATRICK
  • LEAP YEAR FEATS Olympic track and field aspirants came an strong at the Mobil meet BY MERRELL NODEN
  • THE CLIPS SHOW SOME ZIP The Clippers, long overshadowed by the Lakers, are shining in L.A. BY HANK HERSCH
  • YOU THE KID! Tiger Woods, 16, made the grade, if not the cut, in his PGA debut BY JOHN GARRITY
  • BLOODY SHARK ATTACK Jerry Tarkanian's attcmpt to unresign has all Las Vegas in a frenzy BY ALEXANDER WOLFF
  • TESTY TIMES IN GERMANY Katrin Krabbe and two other women track stars have been banned BY WILLIAM OSCAR JOHNSON AND ANITA VERSCHOTH
  • BUTCH LEAGUE The new Boston skipper, Butch Hobson, has a job as tough as he is BY TIM KURKJIAN
  • FROM SLEEPERS TO KEEPERS Why are so many small school players making the NBA these days? BY JACK McCALLUM
  • I AM NOT A FLAKE So says Rocky Thompson, who took 27 years to win a PGA event BY FRANZ LIDZ
  • SLAP HAPPY Al Maclnnis of the Flames blasts away with the NHL's hardest shot BY LEIGH MONTVILLE
  • SUMMER GAMES In antieipation of the Olympics in Barcelona, we travel off to Spain BY JULE CAMPBELL
  • A WOMAN'S PLACE Cristina Sanchez wants to show Spain's matadors she's a real fighter BY GARY SMITH
  • A MAN OF THE ASH For Olympic coach Bobby Douglas, wrestling is his link to his past BY KENNY MOORE
  • BLACKBOARDS AND BACKBOARDS An obscure Maine prep school is a hotbed of college hoops talent BY PHIL TAYLOR
  • QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE Lion-tamer-turned-hiologist Sharon Matola has created a rare zoo BY NICHOLAS DAWIDOFF

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