Playboy USA Nr.3 / March 1979 - Debra Jensen
  • Playboy USA Nr.3 / March 1979 - Debra Jensen

Playboy USA Nr.3 / March 1979 - Debra Jensen

Titelbild: Debra Jensen

PLUS: Up close and personal. The Cheerleaders who were too hot for the N.F.L - A FIRST Look at Joseph Hellers funniest Novel Since Catch-22 - Who are we? The Playboy Report on American Men - Alex Haley: My Problems with Roots

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  • COVER STORY March is a windy month and, as January 1978 Playmate Debra Jensen discovers, it's no time to stand in front of an open window, playing the piano with one's feet. Or maybe the sudden breeze is photographer Phillip Dixon sighing as Debra coyly adjusts her shoe.
  • BOOK
  • PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: TED PATRICK-candid conversation The one-man blitzkrieg against religious cults defends his methods of "deprograming" cult members, warns of danger he thinks cults pose for America and tells of his unsuccessful efforts to crack Jim Jones's People's Temple before the Guyana horror.
  • THE PLAYBOY REPORT ON AMERICAN MEN—survey A unique and comprehensive study commissioned by Playboy reveals the motivations, thoughts and aspirations of the American male in his prime years.
  • GOOD AS GOLD—fiction JOSEPH HELLER The hero discovers that anybody can be a big shot in Washington, as long as he has a tall wife. An excerpt from a new novel by the author of Catch-22.
  • A DIFFERENT KIND OF CROSBY—pictorial Denise Crosby has one advantage her grandfather didn't have: She doesn't have to sing to be entertaining. See for yourself.
  • LIFE INSIDE THE CONGRESSIONAL COOKIE JAR-article . JAMES ABOUREZK The freethinking former Senator tells about the lobbying, cajoling, arm twisting and bullshit that made American politics unbearable for him.
  • YOU GOTTA HAVE HEART—article . . CRAIG VETTER The man who brought you the death-defying "Pushed to the Edge" series takes on a more terrifying assignment: performing at a comedy club_ Complete with the script of his routine, plus an interview with comedy-club graduate Robin Williams (Mork to you).
  • THE NEWS IN SHOES—attire DAVID PLATT Sometimes the right pair of shoes can do more for a man than any other piece of apparel.
  • THERE ARE DAYS WHEN I WISH IT HADN'T HAPPENED-article ALEX HALEY When Roots happened, the author was in debt, but at least he could go to the laundromat unmolested. Not that he isn't grateful; it's just that fame is so damned irreversible.
  • PRIVATE EYEFUL—playboy's playmate of the month After learning that Oklahoman Denise McConnell is an investigator, what guy wouldn't want to get into undercover work?
  • ALL THE BIRDS COME HOME TO ROOST-fiction ... HARLAN ELLISON Once the women in his life began coming back to him, it was like the domino theory. Each one led him back to the past, to the wars with his crazy ex-wife.
  • GETTING ORGANIZED—modern living Especially for you, you messy slob, an assortment of things to help you get your act together at home.
  • BLOODY REVOLUTION—drink EMANUEL GREENBERG Not only are drinks made with tomato juice tasty, they're nutritious! You say you don't drink for the vitamins?)
  • THE PSYCHE AND THE STARTING GRID—sports KEITH W. JOHNSGARD and CHARLES FOX The mind of the pro racer is not like yours and mine, say the authors. For proof, read the accompanying interview with Mario Andretti, by Peter Manso
  • WHAT DO YOU SAY TO A NAKED CHEERLEADER? GOODBYE!-pictorial essay . WALTER L. LOWE and DAN SHERIDAN When we unwrapped pro football's side-line beauties last December, the N.F.L. took it out on the girls. Now you have a chance to cheer for the ex-cheerleaders who return to our pages to score a few points. UNA'S LOCK-ribald classic
  • UP YOUR FIDELITY-modern living Get more out of your stereo with these sound investments
  • MORE DAMSELS IN DISTRESS—FFOLK ES Cartoons that illustrate once again that sometimes Jones comes along too late.
  • PLAYBOY'S PIPELINE Man & woman; You, Inc.; restaurant savvy; understanding warranties.
  • PLAYBOY ON THE SCENE Kitchen magic, auto exotica.

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