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Vogue INDIA 11/November 2013 - Class of 2013
  • Vogue INDIA 11/November 2013 - Class of 2013

Vogue INDIA 11/November 2013 - Class of 2013

Titelbild: Class of 2013: Meet Bollywoods Fabulous fresh Faces

PLUS: 185 + Looks for the perfect Bridal Wardrobe - Our Guide to the best of Chennai - All you missed: Inside the Vogue Beauty Awards

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    Editor's letter
    Everything we heart this month
    This month, we present the new bridal must-haves—from outfits to ornaments, and three-piece ensembles for your man. Jangle all the way with metallic pieces that range from gold to gunmetal. Traditional red-and-gold gets an update while beauty goes gilded pink. Plus, cuddly carry-alls and printed pullovers
    Broken embraces It was while writing her new book, a novel set in a small, fictionalised :own in Pakistan, that
    Fatima Bhutto found a ost love—Karachi, her Iriorne of 20 years, finally staked a claim to her affections her affections
    Photographic memory Thirty years, 20 passports. A new book chronicles the stories behind Steve McCurry's most iconic images
    Stirred, not shaken Its in Chennai's cultural cocktail that Bharata Natyam thrives alongside salsa.  Proponents of the Proponents of the two divergent dance forms discuss the city as a catalyst By Divya Meenakshi Arjun
    Paint my love Poles apart as artists, Hemali Bhuta and Shreyas Karle wouldn't dream of sharing a studio. What they
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