US-Sports Illustrated 20 February 1995 - Daniela Glistens
  • US-Sports Illustrated 20 February 1995 - Daniela Glistens

US-Sports Illustrated 20 February 1995 - Daniela Glistens

Titelbild: Daniela Glistens in Bermuda

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  • Back from the Depths: Maryland is a basketball Power again, ending a long decline hy Jack McCallum
  • Queen for a Day: Nicole Bobek suerisingly reignW at the figure skating nationals hy Johnette Howard
  • Dead Serious: Tourfimnyman Peter Jacobsen is playing the best golf of his life by Jaime Diaz
  • A Whole New Tack: Shelley Beattie and Dawn Riley lead the all-female America3 crew by Kelly Whiteside
  • February Frenzy: The four days of NBA All-Star madness even included a gante by Leigh Mootville
  • Seems Eike Old Times: A new generation of stellar goaltenders has emerged in the NHL by E.M. Swift
  • Basking in Bermuda, Captivated hy Costa Rica: The swimsuit set follows the sun to a divement pair of resorts by Jule Campbell
  • The Only Way to GO: Our intrepid scooterborne reporter took Bermuda by storm by Kelly Willeside
  • Like Fish out of Water: Costa Rica was, for one bedeviled party of fishermen, a paradise lost by Litt Swift
  • Stormin Mormons: Coach Roger Reid and sons make BTU basketball a family affair by Austin Murphy
  • Terrible Two: Tennis's Gigi Fernandez and Natasha Zvereva are a match by Sally Jenkins
  • Donnellys Arm: lrish boxing champ Dan Donnelly died in 1820, but his limb endures by Allen Abel
  • The General Whose Army Never Wins: While losing to the Globetrotters, Red Klotz won over the world by Tim Crothers

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