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Playboy USA Nr.11 - November 2009 - Marge Simpson
  • Playboy USA Nr.11 - November 2009 - Marge Simpson

Playboy USA Nr.11 - November 2009 - Marge Simpson

Titelbild: The devil in Marge Simpson

PLUS: Terrifying: New York by Stephen King - Badlands: A Playboy Dispatch from the Texas Border - The Interview: Benicio del Toro - Victorias Secret Stunner: Alina Puscau - Our Angel: A tribute to Farrah Fawcett - The Madness od Tracy Morgan

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    Can you believe the picture an our cover is of a body that carried three children? Marge Simpson, the hottest woman in Springfield, finally sheds her green dress for us and, with the heip of illustrator Julius Preite, re-creates our October 1971 cover. The Rabbit Head chair is the other icon in the picture.
    BURN AFTER READING Think long fillers are filibusters or stud extras in porn movies? AARON SIGMOND'S cigar guide has you covered.
    THE HILLIKER CURSE JAMES ELLROY delivers his final installment of love, loss and literature. Can our hero shake the jinx and find the right girl?
    PLAYING FOR KEEPS SCOTT ALEXANDER follows video game Brütal Legend's design team into battle.
    THE WOMAN WHO COULD THINK HERSELF OFF! We dispatch JOHN H. RICHARDSON to witness a bona fide mind fuck.
    BENICIO DEL TORO The star talks with STEPHEN REBELL() about Hollywood—old (films) and new (sex with Scarlett Johansson in an elevator?).
  • 20Q
    TRACY MORGAN ERIC SPITZNAGEL gets jewels like "I'm into bike riding and breaking women's water."
    THE BONE CHURCH Grab a bar stool next to STEPHEN KING and listen to his chilling new tale.
    FRENCH DISH TONI BENTLEY finds herself a female lover in Gay Paree.
    MAKING YOUR PATHOLOGY PAY How DR. DREW PINSKY made his problem work for him.
    A FAREWELL TO FARRAH A celebration of Farrah Fawcett's feathered hair, big smile and iconic images.
    THE DEVIL IN MARGE SIMPSON Springfield's hottest housewife serves up cheesecake photographs.
    PLAYMATE: KELLEY THOMPSON We found our little rose of Texas.
    ALINA PUSCAU BRETT RATNER, his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend and a plastic body double pay homage to Helmut Newton.
    A Hollywood tryst! Actor Gilles Marini's affair with clothes! Catch the action! Fashion by JENNIFER RYAN JONES, photography by TONY KELLY.
  • PLAYMATE Kelley Thompson
    WORLD OF PLAYBOY Hef and his girls watch Holly Madison perform in Peepshow, but when called onstage, Hefner steals the Show; the Shannon twins autograph their Centerfold in Las Vegas; Playmates crack jokes for HBO (don't you love a girl with a sense of humor?); Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt peddle PLAYBOY.
    ACES AND ANGELS Who knew Kim Kardashian, Shannon Elizabeth and Billy Burke were players? The Playboy Mansion hosts two big poker tournaments.
    PLAYMATE NEWS Christi Shake looks for the soap star of her dreams on My Antonio; Jayde Nicole wants us to eat our vegetables; Sara Jean Underwood geeks out on G4.
    UNTRUE CONFESSIONS Would you willingly confess to a crime you didn't commit? You might. JOSHUA TEPFER investigates interrogators' dodgy head games.
    NO PHOTOS ALLOWED Cops hate cameras. So, TIM MOHR asks, who watches the watchmen?

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Centerfold / Poster: Miss November von 2009: Kelley Thompson


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