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Playboy USA Nr.8 / August 2000 - Darva Conger
  • Playboy USA Nr.8 / August 2000 - Darva Conger

Playboy USA Nr.8 / August 2000 - Darva Conger

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Titelbild: Darva Conger: The Woman who Married the Multimillionaire Takes off her Wedding Dress for Playboy

PLUS: Interview: John Malkovich - 20Q Aimee Mann - Plus: Millionaires it´s a Bitch to be Rich

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  • MILLIONAIRES Seems like everyone either is or knows one. But wait-do you really want to be one? Have you considered taxes? The likelihood of kidnapping, the certainty of asshole friends? We provide perspective. BY JAMIE MALANOWSKI
  • YOU DON'T LOOK A DAY OVER 150. WANT TO SCREW? Fruit flies can already live the equivalent of 160 human years. Even better, the old duffers do the deed for 20 minutes a go-that's three weeks in human terms. Longevity could be just areund the cornet: BY KATHLEEN SHARP
  • i-MITATION Once upon a time, it was all about e. But nothing compares to i. Design elements of Apple's iMac are the new standard for everything from staples to sedans.
  • THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MACY Cartoon-voiced Macy Gray talks about getting kicked out of boarding school, touring with Santana and falling in love with her DJ. An intimate chat with a sexy star. BY ALISON LUNDGREN
  • A SUMMER TREAT Beat the heat. in fact, whip it. There's only one thing better than an ice cream sundae topped with whipped cream. Make that two things.
  • 20Q AIMEE MANN Women don't have muses, they have problems. Ask Aimee Mann, the brilliant singer and songwriter behind the Magnolia soundtrack. BY ROBERT CRANE
  • CITY GIRLS: BOYS AND TOYS They'll sleep with you if they hate you, but not if you annoy them. Weird habits and fetishes that will land you on the street. BY AMY SOHN
  • BUZZ FROM BRAZIL Her home is the runway. Her current squeeze is Leonardo DiCaprio. Her name is Gisele Bündchen, and she's the hottest model working
  • THE NERVE OF ERV! Cartoonist Erv Kaplan couldm't keep his pen in his pants. BY RAY BRADBURY
  • HEAVEN AND HEEL We're talking shoes and sex. Very high heels, sharp toes, shiny black leather with tiny garters and padlocks. Remind you of anything? Naughty boy!
  • ART AND CRAFT Master thief Dortmunder is tagged byan old acquaintance from the pokey. The guy claims he's gone straight-as a painter. His master piece is a killer. BY DONALD E. WESTLAKE
  • JOHN MALKOVICH Tighten your seat belts. Expat and worldly weird, the eccentrie actor has original thoughts on sex, religion, the death penalty and Dustin Hoffman's dinner table farts. Being John Malkovich is a fascinating trip indeed. BY KRISTINE MCKENNA

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Centerfold / Poster USA: Miss August von 2000: Summer Altice

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