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Vogue UK 1/Januar 2014 - Cara Delevingne
  • Vogue UK 1/Januar 2014 - Cara Delevingne

Vogue UK 1/Januar 2014 - Cara Delevingne

Titelbild: Cara Delevingne: The model who was liked into superstardom

PLUS: Invisble eyeliner: Beautys best kept secret - Style reboot: Lose, Reuse, Reyuire, desire - Springs new take on Pastels - Pregnancy chic: How to hold on to yout style - Plastic Fantastic: The private life of mannequins

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Original Inhaltsbeschreibung:

    VOGUE NOTICES Behind the scenes of the issue
    VOGUE.CO.UK Highlights from our website
    NOTEBOOK Diamond earrings, champagne and a lobster-motifsandal
    BACK PAGE MOODBOARD What we want for January
  • SPY
    HIT REFRESH The style updates that will fast-trackyou into the new season now
    COVER STORY CLOSET DETOX "Lose, reuse, require, desire": Vogue's four-point directive to rebooting your wardrobe
    DOWN TO EARTH Alfonso Cuarön and Sheherazade Goldsmith talk about love, I de and Gravity
    CHERRY CRUSH Smile undi med, Buffalo girl Neneh Cherry is back with a punchy new album
    STATUS UPDATE Your life in 2014; plus indie band Arthur Beatrice
    LOVE BYTES Director Spike Jonze's latest film is a love story for our times. By Maryam L'Ange
    TRAVEL LOS ANGELES TIMES The lowdown an the City ofAngels. By Laura Bailey
    FOCUS ODETOJOY The colourful lite ofboutique owner Uberta Zambeletti, at work and at home
    DOUBLE TAKE Three women who switch between very different fashion personas. By Laura Jordan
    THE FRONT ROW Your nerv best friend? The double-breasted jacket
    BUTTERFLY EFFECT Fashion is enjoying a transformative flutter
    SCENE STEALERS The designers who Lake inspiration from the landscape around them. By Ellen Burney
    FRIEND OF FAUX Johl the Shrimps club and let the fake fur fly, says Laura Bailey
    HIT THE NORTH Vogue tookFashion's Night Out to Manchester this year, and found a city ready to party
    COVER STORY THE FACE From selbes to onesies,it's been a stellar year for Cara Delevingne. Photographs by Alasdair McLellan
    COVER STORY MOTHER SUPERIOR Dressing to accornmodate a bump doesn't have to mean elasticated waists, as threc stylish women prove
    CHAIN REACTION At home with Julian "Pret" Metcalfe and hiswife, Brooke, the power duo adding jewellery to their empire. Photographs by Benjamin McMahon
    STAND AND DELIVER Meetjustine Simons, the dynamo of London's cultural events. Bv Christa D'Souza. Portraits by Henry Bourne
    COVER STORY VALLEY OF THE DOLLS There% more to a mannequin than window-dressing, as Charlotte Sinclair's investigation reveals
    COVER STORY SUNNY SIDE UP Revel in the splashy, sugary brights of the resort collections. Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier
    SHORE LEAVE In simple, pared-backshapes, Freja Bella Erichsen plays tour guide back home in Dragsholm. Photographs by Cass Bird
    THE GIRL FROM MONACO Pretty classics with a Continental, Seventies edge. Photographs by Philip Sinden
    20 HEALTH CHANGES TO MAKE NOW Stock-piling kale and trapeze yoga are just ti,vo of C algary Avansino's suggestions
    COVER STORYFINE LINES Beauty's latest buzz trick is an eye-opener, says Kelly Gilbert
    WRITE OFF Tattoo removal is noweasier thali ever, but can they be truly erased, asks Nicole Mowbray
    THE GLOW QUEEN Make-up artist Gucci Westman has a trademark look that's pretty perfect
    SHEER BRILLIANCE Skincare guru Eve Lom's nerv make-up; plus the best lifting creams

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