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Playboy USA Nr.1 - Januar 2007 - Pamela Anderson
  • Playboy USA Nr.1 - Januar 2007 - Pamela Anderson

Playboy USA Nr.1 - Januar 2007 - Pamela Anderson

Tielbild: The Passion of Pamela Anderson: Feel the Heat

PLUS: Holiday Anniversary - Featuring: 12 Stellar Playmates: Vying for your Attention - An Oil Rich T. Boone Pickens Interview - An Anatomical 20 Q with Ellen Pompeo - Jimmy Breslin on Immigration - Robert Stone on Starting out and Neal Gabler on our Cover Model - Kinky new Fiction: ba Walter Mosley - Keith Olbermann, Dan Patrick, Chris Berman: An oral History of Sports Center

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  • features
    THE GREATEST SHOW IN SPORTS Since its 1979 launch ESPN's SportsCenter has been one of the most compelling reasons to watch TV. We join key participants Keith Olbermann, Chris Berman, Stuart Scott and others in reliving lively moments and vivid catchphrases ("Boo-yah!") from sports journalism's most influential program. BY KEV1N COOK
    THE IMMIGRATION MESS A day without illegals would speil disaster for a society in which hungry newcomers perform essential, poorly paid tasks. A renowned Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist takes an incisive look at the people desperate to come to the U.S. and the forces hell-bent on stopping them—and why. BY JIMMY BRESLIN
    PARTY OF THE YEAR! Dick Cheney goes hunting, Mel Gibson goes driving, Borat offends, and Samuel L. Jackson tends his favorite reptiles. What a crowd! What a party! ILLUSTRATION BY JANET WOOLLEY
    RINGING IN THE NEW YEAR If your New Year's resolution is to party like it's 1999, here is a step-by-step guide detailing bar essentials, who's coming to dinner, what's being served and when to turn the lights down low.
    MARRIAGE & MAGAZINE ST. In 1960 New Orleans was an exotic city where people of different races, classes and political attitudes lived in relative harmony. In this evocative episode from his forthcoming memoir, the author of Dog Soldiers recalls a temptation he faced in the French Quarter and how it changed his life. BY ROBERT STONE
    2007 CARS OF THE YEAR Our intrepid automotive team selects this year's best models, including a pack of street-legal speedsters, a hyperquick hybrid and a blast from the past that drive circles around the competition. BY KEN GROSS
  • fiction
    THE MYTH OF SISYPHA The award-winning author of the Fearless Jones books—and Bill Clinton's favorite writer—explores the erotic in a tale that turns a guy betrayed by his girl into a sexistential hero. BY WALTER MOSLEY
  • the playboy forum
    WE'RE WATCHING YOU Since 9/11 the line between public and private has become alarmingly blurred. Are we being kept safe or being robbed of our privacy? by Jonathan Raban
  • 20Q
    ELLEN POMPEO The porcelain-skinned actress who plays lovelorn Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy discusses her bartending prowess, her awkward first encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal and her infamous Punk'd prank. BY STEPHEN REBELLO
  • interview
    T. BOONE PICKENS This legendary oil tycoon and corporate raider made a fortune from black gold. Now the $2.7 billion man gives a gloomy forecast for oil, predicts a bright future for water and talks candidly about his battle with depression. by David Sheef
  • pictorials
    THE PASSION OF PAM Pamela Anderson is the quintessential PLAYBOY icon. Reacquaint yourself with the evidence.
    PLAYMATE: JAYDE NICOLE Miss January gives you a reason to shout, "0 Canada!"
    THE YEAR IN SEX All the memorable displays of flesh and notable sexcetera we could fit onto seven hot pages.
    PLAYBOY'S PLAYMATE REVIEW Study the 12 candidates' most persuasive positions, then vote for Playmate of the Year.
  • notes and news
    THE WORLD OF PLAYBOY The Bunny search begins at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas; Elvira scares them stiff at the Mansion.
    HANGIN' WITH HEF The party goes an for Hef and his girlfriends as they rub elbows around town with Oliver Stone, Dave Navarro, Cameron Diaz and others.
    CENTERFOLDS ON SEX: TINA BOCKRATH For Miss May 1990 it's all about paying lip service and a guy's comfort with his sexuality.
    PLAYMATE NEWS A look back at Kara Monaco's reign as Playmate of the Year; a glimpse behind the scenes at an erotic website run by Miss June 1992 Angela Melini.
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Centerfold / Poster: Miss Januar von 2007: Jayde Nicole


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