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Special Edition Playboy Wet & Wild Women 1990
  • Special Edition Playboy Wet & Wild Women 1990

Special Edition Playboy Wet & Wild Women 1990

Titelbild: Turning on the Steam Heat

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  • One of the absolutely immutable laws of nature holds that when women and water come into contact, the women get all wet. Although the notion of being all wet has implicitly unfavorable connotations from an intellectual standpoint, this state of being is explicitly wild and wonderful when considered from a purely physical point of view. It's an obvious concept to us, but if natural science has never been your area of expertise, we suggest you take a moment to review the conclusive evidence presented by cover girl Tawnni Cable. In Playboy's Wet & Wild Women, we've turned on the steam (and the hose and the shower) for some of the world's most beautiful bodies. Gwen Hajek (right) invites you to come on in. The water's fine.

Playboy Wet & Wild Women 1990

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