Special Edition Playboy Career Girls 1992
  • Special Edition Playboy Career Girls 1992

Special Edition Playboy Career Girls 1992

Titelbild: Close up: Brainy Beautiful Women

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  • BAY WATCH PLAYMATES Playboy centerfolds turn a strip of sand into a little bit of heaven
  • THE COVER GIRL AND THE MEDIUM A message from media consultant Alexandra Hayes
  • POWER AND GLORY American Gladiators' Marisa Paré, heroine for our time
  • FUNNY GIRLS Humor and beauty mix it up on the club circuit
  • DOUBLE VISIONS An altogether wonderful look at body-double actresses
  • RIGHT IN FASHION Fashion-show coordinator Emily Terry has all the right stuff
  • RATED AAA Wall Street women look after their futures
  • OBJECT OF BEAUTY Lori Jo Hendrix, cosmetologist, teaches by being
  • HIGH-SPEED THRILLS Sheila is heading for the fast track
  • BUILT TO PERFECTION Cathy Dzik, a unique model in the building trades
  • CAPITAL ATTRACTION Model-with-portfolio Shannon McLaren banks on herself
  • MEDICAL MARVELS TLC from RNs, LPNs, an MD and other health-care professionals
  • LAW & ORDER Making a case for paralegal Tracy McNair's international interests
  • LOOKING SHARP A close encounter with Bravina Trovato, barber extraordinaire
  • NON-TAXING BODY Revealing review of Liz Pasko, ex-IRS agent
  • A WOMAN OF MANY PARTS Talent rep Debbee May is multi-talented
  • LETHAL WOMEN Getting a hold on lady wrestlers

Playboy Career Girls 1992

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