Cosmopolitan UK 10/October 1991 - Godet
  • Cosmopolitan UK 10/October 1991 - Godet

Cosmopolitan UK 10/October 1991 - Godet

Titelbild: Godet of Hiromasa

PLUS: Is it ever okay to be unfaithful? - The housewife is dead: Long live the New Family - High Anxiety!! Fasing up to your first job, The first weekend away with him, The mid-20s life crisis - his ego his sex drive: The ups and downs of men in bed - He doesnt love you any more: How to survive the reject shock - Anyone for chocolate nipples? - Social intercourse: Everybodys at it! - Why men dont take woman seriously

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    News report: The housewife is dead, long live the New Family No longer held together by duty, the New Family aims to work as a team. Adrienne Burgess
    Drama queens—what a performance!
    They have to be the centre of attention-whatever the cost. Susan Squire
    The Brand contra' passion of Elisabeth Smart Her raison d'etre was to love. Rosemary Sullivan
    Anyone for chocolate nlppies? Want a fun night out and a little something to spiee up your love life? Ann Summers Ilas the answer. Dee Pilgrim
    Was the past so perfect? Looking back on life, it's always easier to remember the good times. Tania Unsworth
    Join Cosmo's Student Advisory Board Here's your chance to tell us about the issues that are important to young women.
    Is it ever okay to be unfaithful? Fidelity is the cornerstone of a happy relationship, because sex is much more than merely physical. Irma Kurtz
    The mid-twenties life crisla It's time to stop seeking social approval and concentrate on working out your own values. Eleni Kyriacou
    156 The first weekend away Those traumatic 48 hours can make or break your relationship. Skip Hollandsworth
    Trust Terry Gilliam Deciding to team up with Robin Williams for his latest film was a laughing matter! Joan Goodman
    Why men don't take us seriously Will they ever come around to seeing a woman's point of view? Stan Cullimore
    His ego, his libido Feelings of self-worth can have a strong effect an his sexuality. Shelley Levitt
    What becomes of the brokenhearted? Falling apart when a relationship ends is one of the first steps to recovery. Kathleen King
    Style news: Chiconomy Lisa Hendrick
    Suit yourself!
    Fashion survey: Di beats Madonna
    Style tips: Why don't you . . . Desiröe Lederer
    Beauty scoop Susan Wilson
    Beauty news Lisa Podmore
    Beauty steps
    Fitness flash Esmä Newton-Dunn
    The A to Z of kind cosmetics Our guide to beauty products that are good for you and the planet. Chrissie Painell
    High streetwise: More cute than loot Catherine Boon
    More cred than bread Elaine Deed
    Facing up to your first job It comes as a shock, but it's the start of your glittering career. Jo Andrews
    Career success: Switched an by TV Women who keep us in the picture. Elaine Gallagher
    Career tips: Dealing with difficult people Getting along with colleagues is a crucial part of everyone's job. Suzanne King
    Career agony Your career problems solved. Ros Miles
    How to buy a home Don't make a move until you've read our guide. Barbara Ellis
    Getting it together: The £500 living room
    The £500 kitchen Stylish ideas that won't break the bank. Anoop Parikh
    Real-life interiors: Cryptic thinking How to create opulence and glamour from second-hand Emds.
    Design directions: The new glamour Bold, bright colours can revitalise tired-looking rooms.
  • FOOD
    Who's a cosmopollofan? Learn how to roast a chicken and you'll be guaranteed a thousand meals. Richard Ehrlich.
    Eating light, eating right
    Get the great Cosmo diary From £4.95.
    The swinging jazzy jumper Only £29.95.
    The sweet pleat suit Blazer £39.95. Skirt £23.95.
    Book now for our book day Places £25 each.
    Good buys! A round up of special offers.
    Hooray for Hollywood! Win a holiday for two and £2,000 to spend an Rodeo Drive!
    Take oft for Tokyo If you're ready for a whole new travel experience, the "Eastern Capital" is for you. Hilary Burden
    Short story: The bog man Julie finds her professor-lover wanting when they visit the Body in the bog. Margaret Atwood
    Our Cosmo world
    October is a great month to
    Books Kate Saunders
    Films Derek Malcolm
    Music Jo Andrews
    TV Sue Summers
    The agony column Irma Kurtz
    Health reports Denise Winn
    Student live issues
    Live issues Eleni Kyriacou
    Money matters Amanda Atha
    Sex and the single girl: Social intercourse-everybody's at it! Cynthia Heimel
    Classified ads
    On the couch Tom Crabtree
    Horoscopes Circe
    Dear Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan UK England 10/October 1991

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