Cosmopolitan SA 3/March 1991 - Heidi Schanz
  • Cosmopolitan SA 3/March 1991 - Heidi Schanz

Cosmopolitan South Africa 3/March 1991 - Heidi Schanz

Titelbild: Heidi Schanz

PLUS: My Year without Sex - Find the Courage to love again - The New Screen Hunks - Food for Flaunting: 10 Page extra - Saddam Hussein: Hero or Hitler - Winter Fashion and Beauty Special - Win Shoues for a Year worth over R10000

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  • People
    Chantal D'Orthez: Setting Fashion On Fire
    Bon Appetit: Fascinging Foodies
    Roundup: That First Job
    New Screen Hunks
    Saddam Hussein: Hero Or Hitler?
  • Viewpoints
    Feeling A Heel
    The Sexism Of Ageism
    My Year Without Sex
  • Design
    African Chic
    Inspirations: Party Panache
  • Fashion
    Winter Fashion Splash
    Electric Horseman
    Ebony & Ivory
    Signature Suits
    Do The Polka, Dot!
    It's Shoetime!
  • Good Looks
    Beauty Briefing
    A Silver Lining
  • Wins
    Feet Accompli: Win Shoes Worth Over R10 000!
    You're Invited to COSMO's 7th Birthday Film Fling
    . . . And Report Back That 's Our Girl - The Winner Of Our That COSMO Girl Competition
  • Health
    Health Report
    New Ways Not To Get Sick
  • Good Food
    You Are What You Eat: Trouble Brewing?
    Food For Flaunting ... And Good Wine
    Best Bets
  • Fun
    PS: The Great Barrier Grief
  • Cosmopolitan South Africa 3/March 1991
    Working Woman: Quitting The Corporate Life
  • Good Reading
    My Marriage To Vengeance
  • Counsel
    Money Power: Banks Talk Back
    The Courage To Love Again
    On The Couch: Tom Crabtrec
    Irma Kurtz’s Agony Column
  • Count On...
    Our COSMO World
    COSMO Tells All
    March Horoscopes
    Quiz: How Judgmental Are You?
  • Background Info
    Forthcoming Attractions: April Aces
    Cover Girl: Heidi Schanz
    Subscriptions: Have The World’s Most Wanted Magazine Delivered To Your Door

Cosmopolitan South Africa 3/March 1991

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