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Cosmopolitan USA 7/Juli 1992 - sexy, famous...
  • Cosmopolitan USA 7/Juli 1992 - sexy, famous...

Cosmopolitan USA 7/Juli 1992 - sexy, famous...

Titelbild: sexy, famous rich, good looking Could you live life with him? (Er-probably)

PLUS: STOP RIGHT THERE! Why women should give up the missionary position - with friends like these... 'I suppose you're too busy to see me" and other irritations - 25 ways to safeguard your job in a recession - It's AMAZING what you can do on a beach - Is he tight-lipped and tetchy if you say no to sex? - The wound-up woman's wind-down guide - GUESS! Who'd risk partner, status, career, even life, for one thrilling moment? (who d’you think?)

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    News report: The admen paying lip service to equality The male ad industry doesn't know how to sell to women. They create ads they think we want. They're wrong. Malcolm Gluck.
    When he insists an sex 1Wo-thirds of women experience coercive sex. Could it happen to you? Ros Miles
    The alienation of Sigourney This enigmatic actress fascinates everyone, but what is she really like? Michael Bywater
    Why women let men get their way Sometimes it's easier to collude with men than challenge them. Rosalind Coward
    Why women adopt the mIssionary position Don't go changing hirn to please youiself - it never works. Adrienne Burgess
    Summer breaks and other therapies You need that time to yourself. Tom Crabtree
    EasIng Into the holiday You're supposed to be relaxing here, so why does it take so long to wind down? Pattie Barron
    The ultimate male flirtation Why are men turned an by danger?  Jay Rayner
    Friendship bullies Don't let those difficult and demanding friends run your life. Laude Graham
    Loving Mr Popular He's the man they all adore, but what's he like to live with? Rusty Unger
    Tim Robbins — new player an the Hollywood A-team He can't put a foot wrong at the moment and everybody's talking about his latest film. Michael Segell
    Style confidence: Below the belt: Loafing around
    Toeing the line
    Canvas support
    Style talk: To dye for? The fashion world is going green. Elaine Deed
    Style tips: Why don't you Desiree Lederer
    Beauty scoop
    Beauty news
    Beauty steps
    Fitness flash Eve Cameron
    Get off your butt and feel brilliant! Take an activity holiday. Chrissie Painell
    Once more unto the beach! Elaine Deed
    To bikini or not to bikini Lisa Hendrick
    The sensational solve-all holiday kit Bag, T-shirt, bikini and Ray Bans.
    Summer's bare necessities Must-have halter body and sarong, only £14.95 and £27.50.

Cosmopolitan USA 7/Juli 1992

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