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Playboy USA Nr.12 - Dezember 2002 - Dita von Teese
  • Playboy USA Nr.12 - Dezember 2002 - Dita von Teese

Playboy USA Nr.12 - Dezember 2002 - Dita von Teese

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Titelbild: Dita von Teese, the return of Fetish

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Original Titelbeschreibung:

  • Gala Christmas Issue
  • Bloody new Fiction from Scott Turow
  • Sex Stars 2002
  • Plus: 20Q with Greg Kinnear, Tom Arnold, Hollywood´s unsolved Murders, DMX Style, Saturday Night Live, Playboy Music Poll, Pink and more
  • Dita von Teese, the return of Fetish
  • Denzel Washington in Playboy Interview
  • Women of Worldcom Nude
  • College Basketball Preview

Original Inhaltsbeschreibung:

  • HOW TO SAVE YOUR ASS IN A SCANDAL We're human. Sooner or later we all make mistakes. And somebody always knows about them. Be sure to memorize these rules-it's the only way to avoid the stockade. BY JAMIE MALANOWSKI
  • CELEBRITY CHRISTMAS CAROLS It's that time of year again. Dick and W reconsider career choices, Mike Piazza dons gay apparel and Cardinal Law hums What Child Is This. BY ROBERT S. WIEDER
  • HOLLYWOOD'S UNSOLVED MYSTERIES Who bludgeoned Bob Crane? Did Natalie Wood fall, or was she pushed? How did Superman die? Tinseltown's longest-running hits are all about death with a whiff of scandal. BY STEVE POND
  • LIVE FROM NEW YORK: SNL STILL KILLS A writer for the original Saturday Night Live runs down every cast member of every year. For fans of American comedy, this one's a keeper. BY ANNE BEATTS
  • THE BEST DAMN JOB PERIOD Fox Best Damn Sports Show Period, the TV tailgate party, was tailor-made for Tom Arnold. 1 get to show America my humor-dick, gay and fat jokes, he writes. An exclusive excerpt from the year's funniest book. BY TOM ARNOLD
  • SNOW FEAR Maybe you watched those death-defying Olympians scream down the ice on skeletons. How about speed skiing at 140 mph? Ifyou're an adrenaline buckarao, here's your chance to join the fun. BY LARRY OLMSTED
  • PLAYBOY'S COLLEGE BASKETBALL PREVIEW Our hoops experts have an amazing record in picking the brackets-so don't bet a buck until you've read this. BY GARY COLE AND DAVID KAPLAN
  • PLAYBOY'S ANNUAL MUSIC POLL It's time to assess the past year's music scene-and we want to hear fram you.
  • PINK AND HER AMAZING WONDERDOG, FUCKER Pink talks about sex, drugs and getting arrested. (And her crazy canine.) BY ALiSON PRATO
  • CENTERFOLDS ON SEX: HEIDI MARK Heidi likes nipple clamps and handcuffs. But tattoos? Ouch, they hurt!
  • HOW TO MOTOR IN A MINI Secrets to getting busy in BMW's tight little box. BY DONALD ERICKSON
  • 20Q GREG KINNEAR The star of Auto Focus and As Good As It Gets describes running through machine-gun fire in Lebanon, swears he didn't pay for those Loverboy tickets and says Arizona girls knack the sacks offrival Arizona State girls. BY ROBERT CRANE
  • DENZEL WASHINGTON He's won a Best Actor Oscar and gets $20 million a picture. That's given him the power to direct his first feature and sound off on racism and same other isms in Hollywood, as well as on the rumor he uion't da sex scenes. BY MICHAEL FLEMING

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