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Playboy USA Nr.8 / August 2001 - Belinda Carlisle
  • Playboy USA Nr.8 / August 2001 - Belinda Carlisle

Playboy USA Nr.8 / August 2001 - Belinda Carlisle

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Titelbild: Go, Go, Girl! Belinda Carlisle rocks naked

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Original Titelbeschreibung:

  • Sopranos Strippers
  • Girls of the Bada Bing!
  • Drugs and death in Colombia
  • Jon Bon Jovi back on Top
  • Go, Go, Girl! Belinda Carlisle rocks naked
  • Interview: Tim Borton
  • Hong Kong, Action, King, Jet Li

Original Inhaltsbeschreibung:

  • COLOMBIA: LAND OF DEATH Kids sniff glue to stave off hunger, bikers tote Uzis, street gangs TUn rampant. It's life in Medellin, where the filmmaker sent home diaries that will startle you. BY BARBET SCHROEDER
  • CLONING: PHASE TWO Just about everyone-scientists, ethicists, religious leaders and politicos-is in a frenzy. That's because the next clone to emerge from a Lab could be a human. Any time now. BY MICHAEL PARRISH
  • CENTERFOLDS ON SEX: VICTORIA FULLER Our lady of the month reveals new ways to win her undying affection.
  • PLAYBOY PROFILE: JET LI Action star Jet Li is the fastest martial artist on earth. As Chinese cinema makes its move in H ollytoood, Jet flies high-with no wires. BY MATTHEW POLLY
  • MAD FOR THE MINI The littlest legend of Europe's roadways is back-and this time it's being built by the masters of the autobahn.
  • LIFE'S A BITCH AND SO IS DATING Ever fallen in love with a girl who can play you like a ukulele? So has this girl­who got snookered by a girl, too. She feels your pain. BY KATIE MORAN
  • 20Q JON BON JOVI He's sold more than 80 million records and mixes a great girly martini. But he still has to beg for a role on The Sopranos. BY WARREN KALBACKER
  • I STAND, THEREFORE I AM The manly ritual of facing the urinal is suddenly endangered. An important report from the frontiers of science. BY PAUL KRASSNER
  • MOTEL What's a family road trip without some wild sex covered in motor oil? An arousing story. BY JOHN BIGUENET
  • TIM BURTON The darkest, quirkiest director of blockbusters-Batman, Sleepy H o llo w, Edward Scissorhands-has tackled the ultimate fantasy, Planet ofthe Apes. He has a thing for Charlton Heston, Vincent Price and Lisa Marie. BY KRISTINE MCKENNA
  • cover story She's the Go-Go girl whose band emerged from Los Angeles' punk scene to crack the Bill­board 100. Belinda Carlisle has come a lang way since then. But time has only enhanced the woman who says she's already lived nine lives. Photographer Richard McLaren traveled to Thailand to shoot our cover. Our Rabbit comes out smelling like a flower.

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Centerfold / Poster USA: Miss August von 2001 : Jennifer Walcott

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